TallyPay Receives PCI-DSS Certification, Ensuring Enhanced Security for Digital Wallet Users

Progoti Systems Limited, a Payment Service Provider (PSP) licensed by Bangladesh Bank, is proud to announce that its flagship digital wallet, TallyPay, has successfully achieved the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) certification. Usage of debit/credit cards at TallyPay now becomes safer than ever. Moreover, users will be able to save card information, that will provide the best user experience. This significant milestone solidifies Progoti Systems Limited’s commitment to providing secure and reliable payment solutions to its customers. With PCI-DSS compliance, TallyPay strengthens its position as a trusted and secure digital wallet brand in the market.

The PCI-DSS certification is a set of security standards established by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) to safeguard payment card data and protect against unauthorized access or data breaches. Authorized assessor Enterprise Infosec Consultants have conducted comprehensive audits on Progoti Systems’ products TallyPay and TallyKhata and their software, server protection etc. By obtaining PCI-DSS certification, TallyPay demonstrates its dedication to implementing robust security measures, protecting sensitive customer information, and maintaining the highest industry standards.

TallyPay, digital wallet service of Progoti Systems Limited, enables thousands of merchants in Bangladesh to receive payment using ‘Super QR’. It embodies a powerful and inclusive QR code-based scan and payment service that enables merchants to accept digital payments from customers of different banks and digital wallet providers. Developed in strict compliance with the Bangla QR code standard by Bangladesh Bank and the EMVCo standard, Super QR is the cornerstone of TallyPay.

The importance of PCI-DSS certification cannot be overstated, particularly in today’s increasingly digital and interconnected world. With the ever-growing threat of cyberattacks and data breaches, consumers are rightfully concerned about the security of their payment information. PCI-DSS compliance provides a strong assurance that TallyPay employs stringent security measures, making it an ideal choice for users seeking peace of mind and a seamless digital payment experience.

“The PCI-DSS certification is a significant accomplishment for TallyPay and Progoti Systems Limited. It demonstrates our unwavering commitment to ensuring the utmost security for our customers,” said Dr. Shahadat Khan, CEO of Progoti Systems Limited. “As a licensed Payment Service Provider, we are proud to deliver innovative and secure payment solutions to our merchants, empowering them to embrace the convenience of digital transactions with peace of mind.”

About Progoti Systems Limited

Progoti systems limited owns and manages the leading mobile application based digital platform TallyKhata for small businesses in Bangladesh. TallyKhata enables its users to accept digital payments using TallyPay digital wallet. It also facilitates to maintain transaction records and access quick and simple working capital loans. 

Launched during the Covid pandemic in 2020, TallyKhata is the fastest growing platform with 5.5 million registered businesses and more than a million transactions recorded each day. 

TallyKhata brings the convenience and power of smartphone, data and AI technologies along with innovative financial services to 12 million small businesses in the country.