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7 Reasons Why TallyKhata is the Perfect Bookkeeping & Payment Solution for Shops and Small Businesses

Unaware of the total credit sales amount? Calculation error? Customers left because they don’t have cash? Small shop owner Kashem Ali faced these challenges. And this is a very common phenomenon in Bangladesh. 

Say goodbye to all your worries! With TallyKhata by your side, leverage the power of digital bookkeeping and wallet to run your business like a superhero.

Here are the top 7 reasons why Kashem Ali believes TallyKhata is the ultimate weapon in his business arsenal.

1. Say Goodbye to the Paper Ledger: In the era of digital Bangladesh, you can now ditch the dusty old paper khata and embrace the new TallyKhata app! TallyKhata facilitates you to record sales, purchases, and expenses effortlessly, with a simple and intuitive interface that anyone  can master.

2. Better visibility of business accounts: TallyKhata gives you a clear picture of your business financial health. You get to know total payable, receivable, cash at hand, monthly weekly sales, due collection etc. Moreover, you can maintain a list of customers and suppliers with detailed transaction history. It’s all right there on your screen. And if your customers take a lot of baki, worry not, because you can keep track of how much they owe you and how much got repaid, at a glimpse!

3. Send Reminders like a Pro: Forget chasing customers for payments. TallyKhata’s ‘Tagada Message’ does the job for you. Sending friendly (but firm) nudges to ensure timely payment collection. Keep a list of all the customers with their necessary details, and find out how easy your life gets! Not only that, your customer can also pay you back digitally via our payment collection link, without visiting your shop physically!
4. Scan and pay with Super QRTallyKhata’s distinct red colored QR code that accepts payments from all Bangla QR supported banks and MFS apps! It’s like a magic money magnet, allowing customers to pay seamlessly. Have your customer scan the Bangla QR code and confirm the payment and receive funds instantly with Super QR. Save more with the best service charge for bank transfer. 
5. Increase Profit with Recharge Business: Grow your business by selling mobile top-up to your customer base. No extra money is needed. No additional set up. Just use the wallet balance that you receive payments through Super QR. You can even add money from debit/credit cards, MFS wallets. 
6. Security at its Best: Worried about your data? Don’t be! All your data in TallyKhata is automatically backed up. Losing your device should not mean losing your data. TallyKhata keeps your financial information safe and secure with PIN encryption. TallyKhata is licensed by Bangladesh Bank and it ensures international standards by maintaining PCI-DSS certification as well! 
7. It’s FREE!: The best part about TallyKhata is that it is completely free to use! No hidden charges, no subscriptions, just pure bookkeeping and payment receiving.

So, dear entrepreneurs, what are you waiting for! Throw away the pens and papers, embrace the digital revolution, and let TallyKhata handle your bookkeeping and payments.